Saturday, October 17, 2009


Two years ago yesterday I watched him being born. Only four months after watching my Mom take her last breaths and leave this earth, I watched her only grandson and my nephew arrive. It was a wonderful moment and I felt so fortunate to be there. Life and death. Two equally monumental occasions to witness and share. There will always be something special about Carson. He will forever be the only grandchild my Mom ever got to know, think and dream about meeting during her time here. She would have loved to kiss on his cheeks and bury her face in his neck. She loved him from the first moment she knew about him. He will forever have a pretty special angel looking out for him.

Now, he is a happy little guy who is so proud to be TWO!

He's really into Thomas the Train. I was walking around Target last night worrying about what to get him - worried I wasn't making a good choice, hoping no one had gotten him the same thing when... I ran into my brother! That couldn't have been more perfect! He helped me out with what I was considering and assured me what Carson would love. Oh, what great timing!

We were going to get him Thomas sheets, but Corey noticed this Thomas DVD at the checkstand. Appears to have been a good choice from Carson's interest in it!

Then there was the fuzzy Thomas blanket. He realllly liked this!

Not the greatest picture. I was having trouble with the window light from behind. But, this at least shows you how excited he was. He grabbed the blankie to cuddle with a huge grin. It was so cute!

He had to show it to Daddy - we were surprised how big it was!

He wrapped himself up in it and walked around.

Ready to blow out his candle! (PS: Corey decorated the cake - pretty impressive, eh?)

Such a cutie...

The kids all gathered on the kitchen floor to eat their cake. I thought this was a great idea!!

Happy Birthday, Carson! We love you, buddy!


80s_angst said...

I'm trying to "follow" your blog but there's no button. WTHECK?
So glad you had a great time in the San Juans! We just got back Sunday. You were much more adventurous. We just laid around and relaxed. It was lovely...Love your pics!

Test said...
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