Monday, June 7, 2010

An Important Gift for Baby

Even before a baby was in our immediate future, we have always said we want to make sure our future child has every opportunity to go to college. Getting my bachelor's degree is one of my proudest accomplishments. College was an amazing experience for me and has definitely helped with my career. With our little one on the way, we want to make sure she has a little help with her decision.

We signed Baby D up for a Guaranteed Education Tuition (GET) account. It is actually in Bill's name currently - we'll change it over once baby arrives, has a name (!), SSN, etc. We feel really good about our decision and started up a monthly payment system to help her out in 18 years. We were shocked when we found out what we thought was a fairly decent payment wouldn't even get her two years of schooling! Education is so expensive!

We wanted to share this #1 - because we are excited to share in this important first "gift" for baby. #2 - We want to let friends and family know as they can donate directly to baby's account if interested. This is a great Christmas or birthday gift for baby's future - better than any toy for sure! You can donate directly to GET or we can sign payments over. For instance, any money baby gets when she is little - we will make sure is deposited to her GET account.

If you are interested in the acccount details or more about how GET works, just let us know.

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Chelsi said...

Awesome! Several friends/family members are doing this for their kids. It is SO expensive! Sheesh! I don't know if we'll be able to contribute right away when we have kids.


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