Monday, August 25, 2008

Has it been 16 years already?

Some of us "then" (crying after the "Senior Slide Show")
Courtney, Wendy, Sara, Elishia, Jenn, Amy & Krissy in back)
and now
Sara, Elishia, Allison, Rebecca, Jenn
Renee and Wendy

It took Rebecca flying in from Italy for a visit to get a group of us high school gals together for our own mini-reunion. In the 90s, we called ourselves the "GASP" girls. It was Renee (I just learned) who came up with the name all those years ago - penned after our get-togethers, which we deemed as Guys are Stupid Parties (GASP). GASP parties were overnighters, held at a variety of our homes, our Celicas, Suburbans and Tercels in a line-up on our driveways, always serving a variety of chocolate, talking - loudly - and usually over one another, singing Boyz II Men and Chicago (sitting in a circle, nonetheless), watching Wayne's World and SNL and then quoting it for the rest of the evening, watching the scene in A Room with a View with the naked men and rewinding it so many times I'm sure it ruined the video, and all this occurring with - of course - no guys.

Renee and her partner, Teka, were gracious enough to be our hostesses and Sara did all the planning - thanks, ladies! Renee lives on Black Lake, so we were hoping for a sunny afternoon, so the kids could swim and we could enjoying chatting, while basking in the rays. Sunday forecasts called for showers, and it ended up dumping! In true Northwest fashion, we had to quickly adjust and it ended up working out for the best! With the weather being so foul, we ended up huddling up under the carport leading to more conversation with us all hanging out in such tight quarters.

The GASP rules were loosened. We allowed men - We had our boyfriends, husbands and sons there. Now that I think about it, we didn't even have chocolate. Hmmm, we might need to remedy that one for the next time! But, everything else was there... We laughed and cried as we shared our stories from over the years of break-ups, death, marriage, triathlons, dating, adoption, divorce, child-rearing, medical issues and career choices. It was truly great to see everyone who came and we all shared how we felt instantly comfortable. Many of us said that we were a little intimidated beforehand - what should I wear?, etc. - but everyone quickly dismissed these notions when they remembered who would be there. I think it was Jennifer who said that it all felt very safe.

It was a great time with a group of wonderful, beautiful and accomplished women and I look forward to us getting together again!

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The Norris Clan said...

You all look amazing! I am so glad that you had your own little reunion. Those are the best! I am praying for you and Bill this week! Have a wonderful time!


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