Saturday, August 2, 2008

Breaking our Heart

Last night, we found out Maggie had broken her leg! She is only two! Oh, we were so upset! She's in a temporary splint now, but Monday she gets a waterproof cast, which to no one's surprise will be pink! Oh, poor Magster! We're just sick about it!

Earlier today, we had tried to check in on the little patient, but they had a pretty difficult night and were trying to catch up on some sleep. Instead, we just dropped off some stickers and things to try to be a distraction for Maggie and Tanner both. Did I happen to mention today is also Molli's birthday? Oh, yes! We also dropped off her birthday card and gift. Oh, my!

This evening, we went to Bill's best friend, Shaun's 40th birthday. It was a great BBQ - Shaun made some awesome smoked chicken and very tasty homemade BBQ sauce. It was great and we were happy to get to share in their celebration. We stopped by on our way home to see Molli and Maggie. Tom and Molli had planned to attend a wedding up North, but given the circumstances, Tom went and took Tanner. I don't know who we felt sorrier for. First, there was sweet little Maggie. She had just taken her liquid Vicodin when we got there and instead of making her sleepy it seemed to make her feel restless and that feeling of just not feeling satisified - whether it was what she wanted to do, where she wanted to be, what she wanted to eat, or who she wanted to be with. Then, there was poor Molli. What a birthday!! She was so tired, acting on very little sleep and feeling so bad for her baby girl trying to keep her content.

What a day! We wish there was more we could do for them to make it all better. For now, I am praying Maggie sleeps tonight!


Lynn said...

No! The poor little pumpkin! How did that happen??? Ice cream from Auntie will probably help with the healing ;-)


Anonymous said...

poor baby!


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