Sunday, August 10, 2008

Magster Update

Maggie is doing great now! She has a pink walking cast. The picture above kind of shows you how she gets around (it is too cute!). Francie, Jody and the kids came by last night for a visit and to bring by birthday gifts. Jody gave me the cutest purse made by her friend who has her own store at Etsy. Francie gave me some awesome gift certificates and the cutest spatulas with little cupcakes on them. Her card said "for the last birthday as Courtney W-----." I love it!
We had a wonderful visit! The kids played hard and romped around on Aunt Jody, Uncle Bill and Gana too. I gave the kids italian ice push-ups and we told them to stay on the hardwood floor. Well, when one of us would walk from the living room to the kitchen, they had to see what was going on, so they would scooch their sticky selves into the kitchen - back to their eating spot, into the kitchen - back to their eating spot. This left a little sticky "slug trails" down the hallway along with little handprints on the wall. Good thing it is all washable and yes, it is all worth it!

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