Sunday, August 8, 2010

One HOOT of a Baby Shower!

Taryn's drawing on my cup...

The night before the baby shower at Marcie's I wasn't feeling too great. My feet, ankles and calves were swollen and I was feeling pretty stiff and sore. I had this great idea! I took some Tylenol (doctor-approved of course), propped up my feet and Bill came to the rescue with a peppermint footrub.  Then I got to thinking, I wonder if I can wear the full-length "Fiji-style" dress I wore to one of my bridal showers? See 2008 shower at Aunt Sue's....

Hooray! Dress still fit, perfect for a summer shower and hides the swollen extremeties! Feeling better about things! Course it does look a little different now (sorry blurry photo, but this one does show the belly).

Back to the shower... So proud of Marcie and Taryn. Remember, the cupcake bites I enjoy making so much? Well, Bakerella is coming out with a new cupcake "pops" cookbook this fall with no other than OWL CUPCAKE POPS on the cover. Can you even stand it? So, the gals made them and they were adorable!

You've seen the pictures of the nursery. As I've said, I hadn't intended to have a theme and then I started seeing things like this.

I mean, they're everywhere...

Taryn is the original owl lover, so she had fun!

It just never stops... Owls, who knew? So cute!

Baby D is definitely going to be stylin'. Lots of Daddy-love wear!

To be continued... Waiting on more pics from my friend who took lots of photos. I will update later!


Shannon Marie Pace said...

So cute, Courtney. And I love owls. And I've been reading Henry "Little Hoot" the last ten nights or so -- we love that book.
You look wonderful!

Chelsi said...

Your shower dress was perfect! Very pretty! So sorry your feetsies are all swollen!!! :(

Oh, and I totally went to highschool/cheered with Taryn's younger sister Osh... HA! Actually, Taryn is my #1 girl name and its because of THAT Taryn! I had never heard/known of one before... I didn't really know her because I'm pretty sure she was graduated when I was a freshman. Small world... :)


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