Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Love for Baby D's Nursery

Thank you to Lauren of WithTwoCats for doing such a thoughtful post on Baby D's nursery on her website.

Check it out here.

I was so touched by this. It has been rather fun having Jahjong go from about ten hits per day to almost 300 just on Monday when Lauren submitted the post to her site. Who would have thought some green paint, fun fabric and owls would be so popular? We just feel fortunate for the support to us and our Baby. What a fun way to welcome her into the world!

This just adds to the excitement of late. There are so many changes happening in my life and things really seem to be coming together. I just accepted a new job and actually start at the beginning of my maternity leave (September 1) although I won't technically begin work until January 1. I have been doing human resources work since 1998 and this will be a first for me venturing into something outside of HR. This will be a promotional opportunity with a small law enforcement/firefighting pension board. I am incredibly excited about this opportunity.

I have limited days in the office in my current position. I'm winding down my days at the bargaining table, finishing performance reviews and meeting with my staff in close-out meetings. I cannot believe I soon start four months off of work. Even more amazing, we will soon be welcoming home our new baby girl. So many changes, but everything feels very right.

As the gal who always prides herself on being prepared and organized, I am embarrassed to admit I hadn't started packing my bag for the hospital until today. It made my Aunt Sue very worried and Bill has been on me too. Don't worry guys - I'm now officially getting ready.

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