Sunday, October 17, 2010

Five Weeks - Roadtrip Girl!

Dearest Baby Girl,

You are five weeks old now!

We had a visit from Cameron this week. He and his family were in town from Texas. Boy, did his daughter Kate like you!

Creighton was pretty interested too!

We have been wanting to take you over to Spokane to meet your Eastern WA grandparents, Ted and Jeannie. Daddy's leave is running out and this was the only weekend that worked, so off we went! You did so well on our long road trip. You loved looking out the window at the sunshine at Ted and Jeannie's. Afterward, you'd need a little snooze.

Ted and Jeannie really enjoyed spending time with you!

You even got to skype with Jeannie and your mama's former boss - John Scherer all the way in Krakow, Poland!

Your Daddy and I enjoyed taking you on this first special roadtrip. It was worth the extra stops!

You are my most special girl!

Angel, I love you so much. You are becoming so much more expressive. Love you, sweet thing!

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The Osborne Family - Est. 2008 said...

Oh, Elyse is just beautiful...just like her Momma! I got such a kick out of the picture with Wilson, it looks exactly like my Miss Rubi from behind. It's like I'm looking into our near future! Yay for the road are both such awesome parents. You should be so proud! :)


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