Saturday, October 30, 2010

Just the Girls

Carin (my dear college friend) flew out from Kentucky to visit baby and me and the timing couldn't have been better as Bill was out of town for a few days. She does NOT like her photo taken so I had to sneak in a few here and there.

We made caramel corn for us and to share with the neighbors as part of the Halloween Boo Neighborhood Game (have you heard of it?)

We hung around the house, went shopping and played with the baby (of course!).

OJ came down Wednesday night and on Thursday we drove up to Alderwood Mall to visit Julia (another college roommate). We met at PF Chang's and noticed a gal with a baby about Elyse's age. Turns out he was EXACTLY Elyse's age - born the same day just a few hours younger!

It was so great seeing Julia as well as her twin sister, Mary (not pictured, darn!). Well, they are identical so just picture Julia with longer hair!

Here is Julia's sweet daughter, Georgia. She is a cutie. Julia shared with us some clothes for Miss Elyse when she gets older. Thanks so much, Juli!

OJ, Carin and I had a fun time afterward just sitting in Barnes and Noble talking, drinking Starbucks and oogling over Baby Girl.

Carin, thank you so much for coming to visit us during this special time. You were such a great help and it was great just getting to spend time with you. Elyse is going to miss her Auntie. She loved her time with you! We love you!


Seizing My Day said...

Fun girly times!! Elyse is beautiful!! ;) I love that you met a baby born on the same day... and you got her picture! did you tell her you were going to put her on your blog?!! ha ha!

Chelsi said...

Girl time is so much fun! The Boo game sounds fun and festive!!! My neighbors are just "so-so" though... :/

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that super attractive photo:) Had a great time with you all; however, I am not feeling quite as much love for Wilson as I once had. Love You! oj


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