Sunday, October 10, 2010

ONE Month

My dearest baby girl,

You are one whole month today. I cannot believe how fast time flies. You are so precious. We just can't get enough of you.

I have been reading The Happiest Baby on the Block and it has made us the Happiest Parents on the Block. It is fascinating to learn about newborns and what makes you happy (and not so happy). The Five "S"s have been a lifesaver - swaddling, sucking, swinging, side, and shhing. We make sure to swaddle you "before" you eat. If you really got to choose, I'm guessing you would tell us that you don't like to be swaddled. You love wagging your hands and arms around and sucking on your fingers, thumb and/or hand. However, if we just do it you sleep much better as you don't wake yourself up! You don't always want your pacifier, so the "sucking" option is used the least. You love your swing (more to come on that). When you are fussy, we often lay you on your side with your back to our belly and it is amazing how this calms you. Lastly, we shhh in your ear and/or play white noise when you go to sleep (more on this too!).

You've been sleeping beautifully at night in your swing. We crank up the white noise (waterfalls track to be exact) (thank you, Beth) on your I-Home (thank you Karen and Ann!), set the swing to the fastest setting and you sleep "most" of the night away.
We've learned to NOT put you in the swing when you are fussy - you have to already be calm.

Sometimes, after your morning feeding, you enjoy coming to bed with us. You will often sleep another hour or so on one of our chests or snuggled next to us. You enjoy the closeness.

You love, love having your diaper changed! Isn't that funny? This is actually you hanging out on your changing pad - you love it and sometimes we leave you there for a bit because you enjoy it so much.

You have so much hair - especially in the back. I had to snap a picture of it even though you did not enjoy this. We try "tummy time" every day as instructed, but you don't tolerate it for very long.

Some have asked how Wilson and Libby are doing with you. Well, I'll let these photos answer that question.

Libby was quite nervous when we first came home from the hospital. But, I think that had less to do with you and more to do with me not feeling well and the anxiety from your Dad and me. The better I've felt and the calmer your Mom and Dad have been - the better and better Libby has been.

Libby adjusted quickly and is back to her old self. She LOVES you and whenever there is a squawk out of you she thinks we aren't reacting quickly enough to, she runs to us as if to say, "Take care of our girl!" Wilson is actually pretty great with you too. If you are on the floor, he is close by to check you out.

What a difference a month makes. I thought about this being your "one month birthday" all day long and I find it so funny that you woke me up for your feeding at the EXACT time of your birth one month ago. I was shocked when I looked at the clock and it said 2:49 a.m. Funny girl!

You are such an amazing addition to our family. We've enjoyed being able to be home with you and soak up as much time with you as we can. It is precious to us.

You both nurse and bottlefeed. Breastfeeding was incredibly important to me, but it hasn't been without its share of difficulties. And the outside pressure and consequent guilt - wow! It hasn't been real easy on your Mama! Maybe sometime I'll do a separate post on this topic, but for now I will just say we have had to supplement with formula. It bothered us at first, but our doctor has been very supportive and reassuring, particularly given that you are still getting breastmilk every day. I am proud of myself I've hung in there as at times it has not been easy. You've done so well and have no adjustments going back and forth between nursing and bottles. You are just happy when you are hungry and we are giving you food! Our routine has actually worked out quite well and one that I hope to be easy to continue upon my return to work.

You are a sweet thing, my girl. We love you with all of our heart. Thanks for making this month more special than ever.


Tammy said...

Can't believe it's been a month already! How much they grow and change, huh? Beautiful I have to come hold her. Thursday night?

Stephanie said...

I'm in love with those lips!! Oh, she is just precious!!

Evelyn and I never figured the whole breastfeeding out, either. Some of it was her, some was me. But you are SO right about the breastfeeding pressure. SO hard when you are a first time parent. You can have Jody share some of my story if you want.. but basically we ended up formula feeing her.. and she did JUST FINE!!

You look like a pro already, Court! You both are doing such a good job!!

She's a keeper!!


Jen said...

I'm having the opposite problem with breastfeeding this time around - my little man is 8 months old and doesn't want to give it up! He actually started rejecting bottles when he was 9 weeks old and hasn't gone back to one since - and, believe, me, we've tried SO many different brands!! Oh well - like you said, sometimes things don't go as planned....

But enough about me/us! Elyse is just precious....I love the pictures in this post!!!! :))

Seizing My Day said...

She is SO so beautiful!! I can't believe I haven't visited in so long!! *ugh* sometimes I hate blogging!! ha ha!! Congrats!! You looks SO happy! =) I had to supplement with both my babies ... it was so hard... never knowing if they were getting too much... not enough... enough... (oiy!) Keep it going as long as you can!! both my babies gave up on my milk so early... but I kept it up as long as I could!! I had to realize that half a year was better than not... =)


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