Saturday, October 30, 2010

Seven Weeks

Dearest Elyse,

It is hard to imagine with each passing week how we could love you more. Each stage you enter is with mixed emotion. I love seeing the changes, but get saddened about what we've already left behind.

With cousin Colton (just eight days older than you).

You can wear some of your newborn clothes now, but most you've outgrown already. You cried your first real tears on Tuesday and sometimes when you fuss you stick out your bottom lip (sad girl!).

Aunt Jody.

You slept through the night for eight hours in a row TWICE this week. It is so glorious for all of us!

Six weeks was definitely your growth spurt and were eating constantly for most feedings - growing girl! You are pretty close to moving up to four ounces per feeding.

You are EXTREMELY happy in the late mornings. You love lying on your back looking outside, at the ceiling fan or just talking to us. You squeal, coo, smile, wave your arms and kick your legs. We love watching you!

We also mastered the Moby Wrap. I figured out (finally) how to use it and you sure love being in it. As a matter of fact, you are asleep in it right now as I type this posting!

You love, love your activity mat and once even fell asleep after a good play session!

Every once in a while, you do this funny nose scrunch thing. I haven't been able to catch it on video, but I did snap a pic of you in mid-scrunch.

We love you, sweetheart! Your Daddy was away from us for FOUR WHOLE DAYS this week at a conference - an eternity for him! He missed us girls! Thanks for the extra love you bring to our home! We love you!

- Mama and Daddy

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