Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Chatty Leesey

I know some have found themselves calling Elyse "Ellie" as a nickname. It is a fine enough name, but for some reason it just doesn't fit for me. Mostly I just call her Elyse or every other name like sweetie, angel, babycakes, pretty girl, you name it. But, in the last few days another name has developed. I really don't know how you'd spell it, but she from time-to-time she has been my Leesey Girl or even just Elle.

Here is dear Elyse, or whatever name you use for her, in action at five weeks. Chatting away!

Elyse - Five Weeks from Courtney on Vimeo.

Elyse - Five Weeks Part Two from Courtney on Vimeo.

For those having trouble, make sure you are just clicking on the play "arrow button" to view. Enjoy!

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Jen said...

It's really so neat how nicknames develop, and how "natural" some become....and even how they evolve with time!

Our first son's name is Daniel. Our nickname for him now is Big D, but when he was a baby, we were all over the map with names ;)

Our baby's name is Gil and he's got a LOT of names now....mostly centering around Gilly Bean or something similar. It'll be interesting to see where we end up in the nickname department with him. Even his big bro usually calls him Gilly or Gilly Beaner :)

I love how expressive your little girl is getting - they're so fun when they start reacting to things and their little personalities emerge, aren't they? :)


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