Friday, October 1, 2010

Another Uncle!

We had a fun visit with the K---- side of the family. Brad, Deana, Jordan, Talea and Colton (Elyse's cousin and my nephew who is just one week older than her) came over for a visit. It was Jordan's first time meeting his niece, Elyse (Yes, Corey has already pointed out how it is funny saying that OUT LOUD).

Jordan was pretty excited being an Uncle for the first time to a nephew AND a niece a week later. He was pretty darn proud!

He's already come up with his plan to wear the BEST UNCLE t-shirt and walk the two babies around to attract the cute girls. I told him, "Yes, the girls will go, "Look at that super cute Dad with those babies. Wait, look at his shirt. He's the Uncle!! YES!!"

I'm not sure Brad and Deana know what to do with these little ones yet. They just can't wait until they older and can take them camping!

My little nephew, Colton. Just eight days older than Elyse. Talea and I both had our waters break - just a week apart. Crazy!

So serious!

Talea and her little one.

Hard to believe I met these guys when I was 21, Talea was 11 and Jordan was 8. Who'd have thought Talea and I would be having babies for the first time together?

Good times.

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Chelsi said...

Your little one is so cute!!! Well, so is your nephew!!! I went to high school with Talea too... Small world! So funny that we both know Kim. She's a doll.


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