Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Update on Miss Lysey Girl

Turns out Elyse's cold was bronchiolitis and early-stage pneumonia. So much for some sniffles as her first illness. I think she wanted to do something to capture her parent's attention a little more than that! After the rough weekend, we went to the doctor Monday morning and they were pretty concerned about her cough. They did a nose culture and sent us to the lab for a chest x-ray to test for RSV. Let's just say, I'm glad I didn't know what an infant chest x-ray involves. Picture my baby in this contraption:

My girl is much smaller than this baby and did not exactly look quite so content. Poor girl - she did not like that one bit! However, the technicians said crying helps them get a good look at her lungs. Fortunately, the x-ray indicated negative for RSV and she was prescribed antiobiotics to stave off the pneumonia. She is feeling so very much better, but still has that nasty cough. Poor babe.

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Chelsi said...

Oh no! Poor baby and mama!!! Oh, daddy too!!! I sure hope she gets better quickly for all of your sakes. :)


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