Tuesday, January 18, 2011

So Very, Very Tired

Since sitting upright is still pretty new in Elyse's world, this is the first time she has fallen asleep sitting up. Oh, my sweet baby girl.

Sleepin in My Bumbo from Courtney on Vimeo.


Chelsi said...

So cute! HA!!! I'll never forget the first time my neice was fighting a nap by sitting up and playing in her crib and about ten minutes later I looked at the monitor and she was sitting up sleeping! :)

Chelsi said...

I can't find your email (maybe that is intentional! Ha!) But I just wanted to say that NO you definitely shouldn't see that movie! I told my SIL the same thing eventhough my nephew is almost a year old. Too close to home!

Thanks for stopping by! :o)

somethinghappened said...

So precious! It reminds me of Brooke falling asleep in the jumper and when she leaned against the music would start jumping again. Too funny!


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