Saturday, January 15, 2011

Worth It

Photo from the first entry to this site back in April 2008. Me with my nephew, Carson, only six months here and my late doggie, Annie. A precious moment.

Keeping up a website like this is a very fun and rewarding outlet for me. But, it can also be a little uncomfortable at times. It is a weird thing not having any control over who reads what I share here. I realize I could password-protect this site, but at this time, it is not something I've chosen to do for a variety of reasons. I try to focus on all the positive things about this site and try not to be too paranoid. I try to be real, but careful. Funny, whenever I am having doubts I get feedback like this:

Courtney, I really enjoy reading Jahjong. I look at it at least twice a week. Somehow, reading your accomplishments and journey makes me feel like I’m part of your family, or at least, part of something. I felt really disconnected this holiday season and, in order to keep me grounded, I looked at your blog (that was my therapy). I cried at times because there was so much peace and love with your pictures and other times I smiled and laughed but, overall, it gave me a deep sense of connection…go figure.

I enjoy looking at your little girl’s pictures – she looks so sweet and gorgeous - and all the recipes – yummy! I even tried your Candy Cane Lane Green Tea – loved it…You look very beautiful too, motherhood seems to be natural for you. Thank you for sharing that gift (blog) with other people.

Wow. Thank you "R". As I told you, what you shared made my day and touched me deeply. I don't get many comments on my site and I never really know who reads what, so feedback like this... Well, it just means the world to me.
So, thanks to whoever is out there taking the time to take a look at what I'm sharing today.

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