Sunday, April 27, 2008

Day with Carson

I had the pleasure of spending the day and evening with my six-month old nephew yesterday. I have watched him a few times, but this was our first extended-event. We had a great time.

We went and visited our friends, Dick and Evelyn. Evelyn brought their dog, Henry, a young Springer Spaniel outside to say hello. Fortunately, Carson is not afraid of dogs and has his own rambunctious furry friends at home. They are very hyper, but still no match for Henry. As we expected, Henry was very excited to see Carson. His excitement turned to frustration when his "Mom" held him back on the leash. He'd jump back - barking, moaning and making all sorts of funny noises. We worried it would scare Carson. Oh noooo. He thought this was terribly "belly laugh" funny. He laughed so hard it gave him hiccups. In response, us adults also found this so funny we couldn't even speak and had to wipe the tears from our eyes. It was as if those two understood each other - and whatever it was - it must have been a GREAT story!

We returned home to Annie. Annie is an old girl now and very gentle with babies. We gave her love and Carson told her all about the jokes from our friend, Henry

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Evelyn said...

It was a good visit - everytime I think about Carson laughing everytime Henry barked - it makes me laugh again. What a hoot!! Carson is getting to be such a big boy. He'll have to visit again soon and we'll get some video!!


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