Sunday, January 23, 2011


Dearest Elyse,

I am sad to say the above photo sums up your life right now. You are SICK. Sick for the first time, which is no fun for any of us. You had a little cough a few weeks ago, but nothing like this. You have a stuffy nose, gooey eye, productive cough, fever, diarrhea and even your first ouchie diaper rash. You are so sweet and it is so sad when you look at us like, "Please make it go away, Mama/Daddy." You look so pitiful and it makes us sad for you. We love you, baber and pray you feel better soon. We don't like for you not to feel well.

In the meantime, we try to get you to eat (even though you aren't much into it), we have your humidifer going in your room and you sleep in your swing or carseat to help with your congestion. We have had lots of night-time wake-ups and Mama and Daddy haven't minded the extra cuddle time with you even if we are often half-awake when doing so.

Due to your stuffy nose, you do this thing where you rub your nose vigorously while you are eating - sometimes so hard we have to hold onto your hand so you don't hurt yourself. To calm yourself, you rub your palm from the top of your head to your nose - over and over - it is so cute. I know it is your way to soothe yourself. Poor babe.

Before you started feeling poorly, let me catch you up on what you've been enjoying lately.

You weigh 15 pounds now and are 25 inches long. Your doctor says you are doing GREAT! She is really proud of you!

You knew you had feet before, but you really love them now.

You grab your toes and/or your feet whenever we change your diaper.

You roll over from tummy to back and are really close to rolling the opposite way too. You continue to enjoy grabbing things and continue to be interested in food. However, your doctor would like us to hold off to introduce solid foods. Just something to look forward to at six months. You should be more than ready then!

We love you, Sweet Pea!



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Stephanie said...

Poor baby!! And poor mommy!! The first yucky cold is the hardest. Hang in there!!


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