Saturday, January 22, 2011

Purge and Organize

When you bring a new baby into your life it automatically equates to a lot of extra STUFF! We have had more things moving in, than moving out and the excess has been getting to me. After inspiration from Evelyn and Marcie who both recently changed up all of their hangers in their closets for matching, slim hangers - I decided to give it a go and go to town on my closet. I went with Marcie's pick and got the Real Simple Slim-line hangers from Bed, Bath and Beyond. After a few trips and some extra coupons (thanks, Francie!), I finally ended up with enough boxes. These are great hangers. They come in three colors: blue, stone and black. They have a velvety coating so your clothes don't slip and they have a place to hang scarves or ties on the hanger and even a hook so you can put matching or duplicate items (for instance, if you have two black cardigans).

Marcie stopped by for a visit at the PERFECT time. She sat with me as I went through every item in the closet and put it on a new hanger. I found myself already knowing the answer when I'd have to ask, "What do you think about this?" Yes, this question almost always landed the item in the give-away pile. I now have a ton of clothes for Goodwill, as well as consignment, and a much leaner closet.

Here is the closet halfway done. It is pretty clear what side I hadn't tackled yet.

I found I had quite a few things of my Mom's I had held onto for sentimental reasons even though I never wore them. With Marcie's help, we pared it down to a sweater or two.

Similarly, I had some crocheted hangers from my childhood. Do you still hang onto anything silly like this? I loved Marcie's suggestion. Keep just one for Elyse's closet! Perfect!

So happy this task is complete. Now, we're working on Bill's side!

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somethinghappened said...

I am so jealous of your organzing. I feel overwhelmed with all the "clutter". But at the end of the day and doing just the basics - awhhh, sigh....


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