Wednesday, January 12, 2011

FOUR Months

Dearest Elyse,

It is utterly amazing how fast babies grow and change. I have heard this numerous times over the years, but having you in our lives each day definitely makes it real. I already miss the quiet, pink-skinned, swaddled newborn I'd hold against my shoulder with your arms and legs tucked close to your body. I do get a little sad when I have to put away another outfit you no longer fit into, but I also get excited by your constant changes. As much as I already miss my time with you as a newborn, I am also in love with who you are today - my happy, chubby-legged sweet pea who constantly has a fistful of Mama's hair.

Speaking of hair, you've lost a good amount of your yours (especially in the back) and it has lightened a bit. Your stork bite has faded, but still shines through when you are upset or excited. You love to talk-talk-talk and you make this cute little heart shape with your mouth when you are cooing. One of your favorite places to hang out is still on my hip and your new favorite thing is pulling and tugging on our faces.

You ALWAYS wake up in a good mood! You usually shake your head from side to side with smiles and coos or shrieks. In the mornings that I go to work, Daddy has already fed you and you are still happily snoozing. I feel a little bad about waking you up, so I try to carefully do it in a way so you feel like you are waking up on your own. I turn the hallway light on and carefully enter your room. I turn off your white noise and then gently turn on the overhead dimmer. I usually don't even get this far until I hear you stirring. Next thing I hear are happy sounds from you as if to say, "Mama is in my room! Yahoo!"

Your legs are getting really strong. You love to be on your feet - you get so excited you start swinging your arms wildly with excitement. You love time in your jumper, activity center and Bumbo. You sit in your Bumbo on the bathroom counter while we get ready or shower and even like to sit in it on the kitchen counter and watch Mama cook. You sit there quietly taking it all in. You've gotten more curious about what we are eating, staring as we take a bite and even try to take a swipe at it given the opportunity.

You had your first stay in a hotel and you did GREAT. You went to sleep at 7:40 p.m and not a peep from you until 6:15 a.m. when you woke up jibber jabbering away. We are so fortunate you are such a good sleeper. Actually, we are lucky in general. You are an easy, happy baby and while I'm quite confident I wouldn't love you any less if you were constantly fussy - I do feel thankful.

You are an incredible joy to us. My favorite part of the day is coming home to you and your Daddy. Going back to work hurt my heart more than I'd ever expected. But, God has definitely blessed me and I've been given the opportunity to work a schedule that will provide me more time with you. I am just ecstatic! It is really the best of both worlds - I get that professional outlet, balanced with precious time with you. You are our joy and our light. I love my little family and thank God every day!



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