Thursday, March 18, 2010

Baby: Week 15

Week 15: Baby is the size of a navel orange.

Don't you love the fruity comparisons for size? Continuing toward forming normal proportions, baby's legs now outmeasure the arms. And, finally, all four limbs have functional joints. Baby D is squirming and wiggling like crazy down in the womb, though I still can't feel a thing and likely won't for several more weeks.

Although Week 15 is officially Friday, I wanted to post this now because we had our monthly check-up. I'm officially into the second trimester and Dr. S gave me hope the nausea would likely let up soon. She said I probably won't wake up and have it "go away" like it does for some, but more realistically it will just get better with time. She said the intermittently mild cramping I've experienced is normal - particularly given that I've got a tipped or tilted uterus. I asked if it has "flipped" forward yet and she said, "It's got to. Baby's got no room the other way." So many things to learn! So weird that Talea has the same thing. Also, given the tilted uterus, she said I likely won't show for another six weeks. She said I'll be able to tell, but others won't be able to for a while. GOOD NEWS!

The best part was still the heartbeat. She was searching for a bit and for a second I got nervous. I said, "Come on baby, don't be hiding now." Dr. S said, "Oh no, baby's in there. I heard it faintly. Don't worry." Next thing you know, I heard that familiar fast-paced whooshing. Of course, tears again. That really is the best sound I've ever heard. Our baby's heart beating in my belly. It's just the best.

We talked a little bit more about genetic testing and Bill and I both agreed to turn down everything - even the quad screen. It just isn't worth it to us. She answered more of our questions and was very supportive of our decision. She said we'll be able to check out more of the health of the baby in just five weeks at the next ultrasound. We also will find out the gender. So, April 20th first thing in the morning. Place your bets now!

Enjoying: Aside from hearing the heartbeat (that is beyond enjoyment) I'd have to say this week I've enjoyed having bouts where I'm feeling a little better. I haven't had a full day of feeling great, but even stretches without the familar queasiness are appreciated!

Not Liking: Knowing people will touch my stomach without asking. It already happened once and it shocked me. I'm not used to that!

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