Monday, March 29, 2010

Guess We Need to Go to Bend

OJ and I have been friends since college. We've taken many road trips from Winthrop here and here to most recently Bainbridge Island. She was there with me the weekend I met my biological father in college, the day my Mom's ALS diagnosis was confirmed and most recently when she found out I was pregnant, she had to pull over because she broke down in tears. There is NO ONE like OJ and I do love her.

I was busy cleaning out the spare room on Saturday and kept getting hung up reminiscing over pictures, cards and other keepsakes. Check out this little diddy OJ wrote to me during our New Testament class we actually took the summer AFTER we graduated. She has never been the greatest speller (although in time she did get my name right), and I've always been known to correct her (as you'll see below). But, that girl has always made me laugh and is truly a friend who is there whenever I've really needed her. She'd drop everything in a second to be there for me and I deeply cherish that about her. She's taught me a lot about friendship.

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