Sunday, April 4, 2010

Look Who's Eighty!

Grandma Jo turns eighty Monday and we celebrated Saturday night at her choice of restaurants, Fujiyama.

I struggled with what we could get her. Then, it dawned on me. She wears this necklace every day with my Mom's name on it. What if I could find her a pendant with all three of her children's names - perfect! I found just the necklace on Etsy. If you want to view other items from her shop, click here. Here's a peek at the necklace from her page (I couldn't get a great shot of Grandma's).

She couldn't quite figure it out at first.

Uh-oh. She read it. The necklace says Jimmy - Kathy - Robert. Sadly, Uncle Robert is Grandma's only living child. Needless to say, the necklace did bring tears.

From tears to babies... Velvet and Kyle arrived with their little sweetie pie.

She is so dang cute. She reminds me of a doll.

Great Grandma Jo had to get in some lovin'.

The chef started preparing dinner and the girls were enjoying the show.

After dinner, was time for the birthday celebration. They were beating the drums and singing loudly.

Needless to say, she LOVED it.

Grandma Jo and her BFF, Brenda.

Happy Birthday, Grandma!! We love you!

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