Friday, April 16, 2010

Google Reader - You are the Best

You can disregard this post if you already use Google Reader or a similar RSS feed. This is for the rest of you.

Do you follow a few friends' or family members' blogs? Have you stumbled across some websites you really enjoy? Do you keep them in your "favorites" or "bookmarked" items and pull them up once in a while to see if they've been updated? STOP.

Create ONE login in Google Reader and you can add all of the websites you follow. After one login, you can see your entire list of blogs. The sites in bold will be those that have updated entries. No more clicking on blogs that haven't been updated in months.

I started small, but now my list has expanded. See, Google recommends sites to you based on your subscriptions. My sites range from family and friends blogs, favorite bloggers, decorating sites, money-saving blogs, coupon and freebie sites, and so on! But, even if you just follow a couple sites- it is worth it!

Try it today! Click here to set up your Google Reader login.

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