Sunday, April 4, 2010

To Doppler or Not to Doppler

I was very worried the first trimester of my pregnancy. I understand the risks in those early weeks and my age only further contributed to the risks of miscarriage. When I first heard our baby's heartbeat at eleven weeks, I was overjoyed with relief. I thought about purchasing a fetal doppler in those early days, but I also worried about the quality and knew it could be tough to find the heartbeat. Sometimes, you just can't find the heartbeat and baby is just fine.

However, just two weeks ago, I gave in despite the controversy and rented a medical grade fetal doppler from For a small monthly fee, I can hear the best sound in the world each night before I go to sleep. I did it far enough along into my pregnancy that I don't have trouble finding it and the quality is good so I can hear baby's beats very easily. I like that it is a rental. If in a couple of months I find we're not using it, I can send it back and not have a machine lying around I don't need. Plus, renting means I can use a higher grade one than I'd realistically end up purchasing from Amazon or the like.

I had one person tell me I'd be "obsessed" to use one of these at home. I just ignore the negative comments. Who wouldn't want to hear this miraculous sound every night? I can't feel the baby kicking just yet. This is my way to comfortingly connect each night with our little one. I wouldn't trade this decision for anything. Thanks to Nancy for encouraging me to do it!

Baby D's Heartbeat from Courtney on Vimeo.

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The Osborne Family - Est. 2008 said...

So awesome! Thanks for the heads up!


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