Saturday, April 17, 2010

Hello Pioneer Woman!

Any of you who've read this blog any length of time know my favorite blogger - The Pioneer Woman. Ree Drummond is a city gal who met a cowboy who changed her life. She left the big city to move to his family's ranch in Oklahoma. She is a photographer and cook, among other things. She documents life on the ranch and is quite the character. I've loved following her blog and the last two Thanksgivings in a row I've made several of her holiday recipes.

How excited was I when I read Pioneer Woman was coming to Seattle for a cookbook signing. Now, some might remember I followed another cookbook author - Devin Alexander. This is not my first cookbook signing. I'm kind of a nerd that way - if you didn't notice that already!

I somehow convinced Marcie to go with me. Marcie has been on her site, but is not exactly the follower I am. But, she was a great friend and trooper and agreed to go along with me. We went up early and did a little shopping at the Country Village. Have you been there? They have really cute stores. We found a $25 ottoman to go with my freebie chair we found alongside the road several months ago. They are going to be recovered with cute fabric for the nursery. Photos surely to come once they're complete! We also went to Alderwood Mall and did a little shopping. I had frozen yogurt from Red Mango. YUM. I wish they had one of those closer. So good and good for you!

Third Place Books hosted the book signing. They did such a nice job organizing the event and corralling the hundreds of women, babies and few men lined up to meet Ree. It was such a great location. The bookstore is in the middle of a large shopping center. We picked up our free tickets early and were sectioned off in groups - we were Group E. You didn't even have to line up until it was your group. We sat and had something to drink waiting until it was our turn. I had a strawberry bubble tea and Marcie snapped this photo. I was horrified by it! So, aren't you so glad I'm going to share it with you?

This one was a little better.

We did end up in line for one hour, but it wasn't bad at all. Ree was very sweet. She signed a book for Francie and me both. When I told her it was for my mother-in-law she said, "My mother-in-law came with me!" I told her when my blog becomes famous maybe my mother-in-law will travel the country with me too. She said, "Well, I didn't give mine a chance, I just dragged her with me!"

She signed the book to "Courtney and Baby". Learning I was pregnant she rubbed my belly and then said, "Oh, I'm sorry, is that OK?" I told her it was totally OK. I said the only time it was weird was when I was first pregnant, hardly showing and someone touched my belly. Ree said she once rubbed a gal's belly in a book signing only to learn she wasn't pregnant! There was an older lady behind us who shouted, "Just so you know, I'm not pregnant!" We all laughed!

She was so gracious. She had committed to not turning anyone away. She'd stay until all books were signed. I wonder if she is still going as we speak! Thanks SO MUCH Marcie for going with me and thanks, Ree!


Stephanie said...

You look fabulous.... LOVE the tummy!! :) Trust me, it WILL get bigger... and you will miss the days when you could see your feet.. heehee! Hang in there.. you are doing great!!

Anonymous said...

I'm so jealous!!

Jenn said...

Oh My goodness~! I think saw you in line ~ the baby and all =)!! too funny! I think you were just in front of us? =) You are from Olympia! How long have you been blogging?? I had another gal today from Olympia comment who is going to PW today in Portland! =) Nice to meet you ! Your pictures are gorgeous! Pregnancy makes you glow! =)

Chelsi said...

I am the other "gal" that Jenn is talking about! Oly bloggers... Yes! :)

I did get to meet Ree and I was so elated! My mom and I were the 29th and 30th people to meet her but I had the worst luck in the camera department. Mine died RIGHT before I went up to meet her. Ugh! A lady with a nice fancy camera promised to take a picture for me and email it to me but I have yet to get it. :( So, I'm assuming she lost the scrap paper she wrote my email address on. Of course, I wasn't quick enough to ask for her email address so I could follow up.

Anyway, nice to read your blog you're a cute preggo lady! I'll be back! ;)


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