Sunday, March 7, 2010

Goodbye, Annie Girl

After all the good news from last weekend, we had a sad, sad day on Monday. We had our dear Annie put to sleep. She was almost 15. She could hardly hear, started keeping to herself, was stiff and sore and on her last morning couldn't climb the two steps inside from the backyard. We knew it was time and the vet confirmed. She said she probably wouldn't have made it, but a couple of more days. I was planning to stay with her when she was put down, but when we talked more with the vet about it, decided it would be best if I waited outside. Bill stayed behind and I am so thankful. He held and petted our girl until the end. Thanks to Dr. Smith at Mountain View Veterinary Clinic - she was always so good with Annie and very supportive to us.

It was very emotional (I wouldn't recommend this being pregnant), but so thankful she is no longer suffering. I realized that day that Mom would be waiting for her when she passed. Her last breaths here would be with us and then she'd be with Mom - waiting for her at the Rainbow Bridge.

I have had her so many years and she's been with me through so much. She's been there for every joyous moment as well as every heartbreak. I've cried tears into her fur more times than I could ever count. We'll miss you, Annie girl. We'll see you again one day.

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Stephanie said...

Tears... lots of tears as I read this. SO sorry to hear that Annie is gone. She sounds like such a precious part of your family... truly a "best friend" so to speak.

Peace and grace to you and Bill.. and Libby, too!



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