Saturday, March 13, 2010

I knew I liked peanut butter

When we were up in Woodinville again looking at furniture, Ravi Dewan, the gal who sold us the dining room table gave me the best tip. I told her about what I had spilt on the top of my beloved table. I had hosted book club at my house and we were cleaning up after dinner and blew out the candleabra on the table and SPLAT! Wax went everywhere. I was so upset! Tammy sat with me for some time scraping away. We got the majority off and I have worked on it since, but have never been able to get that sheen of wax off in the center of the table. I usually try to hide it with centerpieces, but lately it has really been bothering me.

Ravi, who's refurnished loads of furniture over the years, recommended peanut butter. She said that has always worked for her over any expensive oil or specially designed product. 

I was feeling brave today and tried it. It worked! I just smeared and smeared the PB into the the finish. Used a little Meyer's to clean it up and you'd never know there was a problem. Had to share my little tip! Oh, peanut butter, you're always there for me.

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