Sunday, February 13, 2011

FIVE Months

Dearest Elyse,

Just five months ago yesterday you came into this world. So amazing. What a whirlwind of changes your birth has brought to us. Your Daddy and I were very happy and content together, but the addition of YOU has brought us insurmountable joy.

It has been a tough last month. You got so very sick. Bronchiolitis and pneumonia. You were sick so long that as you started feeling better, I was just sure you were saving up a multitude of changes. Once that sickness finally passed, your world opened and exploded with new awareness. You notice EVERYTHING now. You always search for us when you hear when one of us enter the room. You love your kitty and your doggie and squeal with delight when they come near you. You LOVE babies and children.
You had so much fun with your friend, Michael, when he came to visit.
You really enjoyed your cousin, Warren, who is just six weeks older than you.

Cousin Cierra holding you.

The look of fascination!

You just have to touch their face. Yes, you are just taken by babies.

You still have greyish steel blue eyes. We keep watching to see if they are going to change. But, they're holding their own so far.

You love lights. Aunt OJ got your a ladybug that projects stars on your ceiling. We turn that on as you doze off in your crib at night and we hear you cooing yourself to sleep looking at the stars. You also like to hang out in your swing while Mama is tidying up your room. Sometimes we play music and turn the lights on above your swing.

You are such a content baby. I was folding laundry the other night and Daddy laid you in the basket while he made you a bottle. We were so amazed - you didn't fuss a bit.

You cozied right up and let me take your picture.

You officially are a rolling baby. You rolled over from tummy to back about a month ago and just this week started rolling the other way.

You think you're pretty cool.

We do too.

As I mentioned, you love your pets and they think you are pretty neat too. We find Wilson in your room a LOT lately. I was sorting through clothes the other day, left the room and came back to this.

He does not like being booted out at bedtime.

Yeah, he is often not far from you. Always checking you out.

Wilson's not the only one. Another day, you were asleep in your carseat and I put you down in the living room. Look who I found hanging with you?

Your Great Uncle Harry spent some time with you last weekend. He enjoyed hanging out with you.

Your smile can brighten any Northwest day.

My boss saw you smile big the other day and he was surprised to see how it lights up your whole face.

I admit it - I just love all your faces.

Here are four more that melt my heart.

That heart shaped mouth. I can't stand it. I can almost hear you cooing just looking at this picture.

Our beautiful girl.

You are super "grabby" these days. I had you in your Bumbo while I was unloading groceries. Some of the cans of food got a little too close - next thing you know, they were on the floor.

Who me?

Happy Five Months, Baby Girl!

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