Monday, March 7, 2011

Zucchini - Nom, Nom!

For those who don't know me, I'm a rule follower. So when the books and our doctors advise, "Wait until six months to start solids" even though I know most start their babies earlier, we waited. There are a variety of reasons it is advisable to wait until six months:
  1. Baby's intestines need to mature.
  2. Young babies have a tongue-thrust reflex.
  3. Baby needs to be able to sit up.
  4. Baby's swallowing mechanism is immature.
  5. Young infants are not equipped to chew.
  6. Older babies like to imitate caregivers.
  7. Makes it easier to detect food allergies.
Elyse is six months on the 12th of this month, but 24 weeks a week ago, so we split the difference and started solids last Friday. Elyse was definitely ready! She was all about eating and seemed to enjoy every part of it! We have done rice cereal every day and today we tried her first veggie. I steamed her some zucchini and pureed it this morning.

My brother-in-law, Robert, got me a couple of great cookbooks on making baby food. I am going to try to make Elyse food each week to eat at home, but will likely send purchased baby food with her on days she is with her Grandmas. Right now though, I can only imagine when trying new foods that the real stuff just has to taste better than something from a jar. We'll see how it goes!

It was really easy to make this puree. I just chopped up two organic zucchinis and put them in a steamer above an inch of boiling water.

Nine minutes later the zucchini was tender and ready for the food processor.

I poured the puree into these cute and ecologically friendly Wean Green baby food jars. I loved the colors, I liked that we could use them for other things once she is done with baby food and... I had a coupon!

Ok, here is Elyse eating her first vegetable. First few bites... not so sure about this.

Then, we started to like it:

PS: I used my camera this time instead of the Flip video. Amazingly better quality!

PSS: After I took these videos I took her into the doctor. I could hear her wheezing as she ate her food. Looks like she just has a mild virus, but we're to watch her and make sure it doesn't get worse!

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