Saturday, March 26, 2011

Guess What?

Here's a hint.

Hint Two.

Elyse likes this game. She's wants you to figure it out!

OK - this clue should do it!

Kind of hard to tell, I know. But, yep, there's a little tooth popping through! We've been hearing for months that she's teething. Every time she is fussy, tries to suck on someone's finger, etc. people are quick to say, "I think she's teething!" However, so far - nothing.

This morning, I steamed and roasted her some veggies (green beans, peas and sweet potatoes). I had just finished pureeing the potatoes and brought her in a taste while Bill was changing her diaper. I had a little glob on my finger and thought, "Wait a minute, what was that?" I felt it again and said, "Oh, I think I might cry!" Bill immediately said, "Oh, is it a tooth?!" I didn't cry, but definitely was touched and excited. It is so fun to experience each and every milestone with our little person.

As you can see, I tried to get a decent shot of it, but it isn't too easy. First of all, it is just barely poking through. Really, you can feel it better than you can see it. And who knows it may move down again before it officially pops through. But, nonetheless people - a tooth is on our horizon. Pretty exciting stuff in our household!

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