Sunday, April 3, 2011

Miss Lysey's First Wedding

Elyse went to her first wedding yesterday. Bill coached girls' fastpitch for years and one of his favorite players, Melinda, got married and we were honored to be present. Elyse did really well, but she did want to chat a bit during the ceremony. We entertained her with her banana toothbrush. She LOVES that thing and it has helped us to quietly get through a church service, so I knew it would help at a wedding! We also fed her a bottle and handfed her baby snacks including yogurt melts and banana puffs - worked like a charm.

At the reception, she did OK, but quickly got antsy, so we just let her roll around on the floor. Fortunately, we were in the corner so a great spot for her to explore. We sat with Bill's friend (and former coaching partner) Wayne and his wife, Kay. Wayne enjoyed meeting Elyse for the first time.

Elyse got in on the coaches' huddle.

I got some short little videos of how she entertained herself. First, she chatted to us.

And then rolled all around.She's not crawling yet, but she is definitely mobile. She can back herself up and often gets backed into a corner. She can also roll herself from one side of the room to the other.

She loved the dance music and was so happy and excited. She was rockin' out to Pour Some Sugar On Me! We had fun and were proud of our girl.

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