Saturday, March 12, 2011

Happy Half Birthday, Baby!

Want to know how to make "monthiversary" onesies yourself? Here's my how-to.

My dear daughter, Elyse -

Six whole months! Where has the time gone? I was telling you today that you've been with us for half a year. Daddy quickly corrected me - it has been much longer than that since you were in my belly for over nine months before we got to see your sweet face. He's right.

You just had your check-up and you're just over 27 inches long and 17.25 pounds now and at the 47th percentile for height and weight. You got shots again and it didn't go so well (for all three of us). You weren't feeling well last night, but were back to your ol' self today.

You're doing amazing and we somehow find ways each and every day to love you more and more. Here's a little of what you've been up to.

I got us both dressed one day and we ended up matching. SO not on purpose. I promise, honey, I won't be THAT Mom. But, admittedly I did have Dad take our picture.

Going to work is still not my favorite when it comes to saying goodbye to you in the morning, but guess what? I get to come home to this super cute face that's all excited to see me. Nothing better.

Even though everything is going into your mouth these days, your doctor confirmed it yesterday. Still not teething.

You are into EVERYTHING now. You're still not mobile, but it is close. And everything in your reach is fair game.

You LOVE your Daddy. You light up when you see him. And, he thinks you're pretty cool too.

You love playing together.

You do this thing now when you get really excited you rock your head (and sometimes your booty) from side to side. Funny girl!

We enjoy our special times in the evenings before you go to bed. We have special chats. Just us girls.

Precious girl.

When you are ready to be picked up. You are READY!

Your first meal (rice cereal) was fun. A big, huge mess. You loved it!

Did I mention it was the huge mess? Yeah, I've learned not to follow the directions and make it less thin. Much less of a mess. However, you were pretty stinkin' cute.

We went to a birthday party last weekend for one of your cousins. You had some fun time with cousin, Chelsey. She LOVES you!

You love sitting like a big girl in your high chair with your sippy cup!

You loved seeing your cousin, Colton. You guys loved grabbing onto each other!

You get baths a whole lot more often now that you are eating solid foods. You LOVE this time of day!

Chomping on your tootsies and your rubber duckie - good times.

Your new hat. Can you say adorable?

Your monthly photo shoot involved a very active baby. You kept Mama on her toes for sure!

Speaking of toes...

I think I'll just take a rest right here...

Getting a little sleepy.

I got in front of the camera with you so we could get a few shots together.

Loving on my girl.

Babe, you are absolutely more than we ever prayed, dreamed and wished for you. You are a delight each and every day. You make your Mama and Daddy so very proud of you. We absolutely love you to pieces. Thanks for making the last six months the best of our lives. We love our little family!

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Stephanie said...

she is just scrumptious! happy 6 month anniversary of being a great momma, too!


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