Monday, November 22, 2010

TEN Weeks

Baby Girl,

You are ten weeks old! Your Mama has done a terrible job taking pictures lately, but we've just been caught up with living life. I want to share this, but I'm scared to. I need to knock on wood or something. Maybe I'll just whisper it, "You are sleeping through the night." You are going down between 7:30 and 9 p.m. and you SLEEP. For nine to even eleven and a half hours STRAIGHT. It is a beautiful thing. I know it may not last. I know we have work ahead of us transitioning you out of that swing when you are three to four months old. In the meantime, we are just enjoying it! The swing and the loud white noise is our trick and has been so successful! Your doctor was so impressed with you!

Speaking of the doctor, you weigh 11.5 pounds now (60th percentile). You are 24 inches long (92nd percentile). You are doing great and Dr. R said you are doing amazingly well! She said to continue everything we are doing. Don't worry about scheduling naps or anything considering how well you are sleeping at night! She gave some suggestions for transitioning out of the swing too.

Being brand new to this world, you get to have lots of firsts:

YOUR FIRST SHOTS. You had shots in each leg (and liquid in the nose) last week. You are such a contented baby and have cried hard so few times. Your Mama did not expect to get so emotional. But, even your nurse didn't like giving you your shots. She kept saying, "You are so cute! I don't want to do it." Seeing your sweet, happy face burst into tears made my heart sink! You quickly recovered, but that night didn't feel well. Some acetaminophen and snuggles with Mama and Daddy made it better and you went to bed early. Sweet pea.

YOUR FIRST BABY SHOWER(S): Last Saturday, you were such a partier. You attended TWO baby showers and a welcome home party that evening (friend Renee and cousin Laura). You were amazingly good and snuggled with lots of people who care about you!

YOUR FIRST POWER OUTAGE. We had a terrible windstorm this week. It definitely bothered your Daddy and me more than you. The power flicked and then it went OUT. We panicked because your SWING and WHITE NOISE stopped - not good news for us when Dad has to work in the morning. We didn't want to fire up the generator right away. I am happy to report you didn't wake up when Daddy switched you to the battery operated swing and you rocked the night away in the family room in front of the fireplace with no white noise and me sleeping on the couch. You didn't even wake up when the battery died by morning (hmmm, could that be good news for our future sleep training?).

YOUR FIRST EARTHQUAKE. Our power stayed out for about 18 hours. That morning, I was standing at the sink washing your bottles and the generator was humming outside. All of a sudden, I noticed all of the dishes in the cupboard rattling away. It scared me and I looked back at your Daddy who was rocking you in the rocking chair. I thought something was happening with the generator. Nope, it was a small (3.5) earthquake. Once again, you didn't mind at all, unlike your Mom. Things scare me a whole lot more with you in the picture.

YOUR FIRST BATH WITH DADDY. Your Dad loves you to pieces. He is definitely a hands-on Daddy, but the one thing he hadn't done was give you a bath. You haven't really had many in your short life; the doctors advise against it because it can dry out your skin when you are so young. You get cleaned up every day with your warm washcloths (as I mentioned in my cloth diaper post). But, once or twice a week it is time for a real bath. You love bathtime and your Daddy did a great job. He rubbed Johnson's Baby Oil on you as I do after each bath and wrapped you up in  your towel.

Pic from three weeks old.

Then, he did something I have NOT done. He kept you wrapped up in your towel (no diaper) and took you over to the chair to rock you. I asked him what he was going to do if you went potty. He just shrugged, "Well, I guess I'll have to change my clothes." He loves you so much and you were so cutely snuggled in your towel he just wanted to enjoy you. I laughed and soon, we were both laughing. Yep, it didn't take long. A baby fresh from the bath in her towel is a little damp already. Soon your Daddy was thinking, "Wow, suddenly it feels really wet." Yes, you pottied on your Daddy and gave us both a great laugh.

YOUR FIRST SNOW. You barely ventured out into it, but we did take a trip over to Gram-E's new house. You didn't mind the flakes and kept on snoozing in your carseat.

YOUR FIRST BIG SMILES. You are still smiling, but now they can be huge, broad, wide-mouthed grins. You are so dang cute when your face lights up this way. I'm still trying to capture that on camera. I'll get it one of these days!

We love you my sweet pea, Lysey Girl.

PS: It was Grandpa Wood's birthday last week. We paid him a visit and brought him this card (with Lotto scratch tickets inside of course).

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