Saturday, November 6, 2010

Don't Forget to Fall Back Tonight

This year, I've really enjoyed Fall. It might have a little something to do with the fact I've been off work and around to enjoy my home, my husband and my new little girl.

Marcie suggested a few weeks back that I should decorate to Fall. Next thing you know we are at Michael's picking through the flowers on sale and an hour or so later we had this...

I just love the peacock feathers in it.

I love, love white pumpkins. Especially these kind with the little orangey green stripes in them.

Even the garland was on sale.

Random aside: that clock never chimes the right hour so I leave it unplugged. Am I the only one with a clock that doesn't read the correct time?

That thing behind the frame is a silver acorn OJ bought me for Christmas one year as kind of a joke... but I love it and leave it out year round.

It was Marcie's idea too to use the orange bowl as "pop" of color. Now, who needs Nate Berkus when I have Marcie?

And then there is Wilson - who has absolutely nothing to do with Fall. Except, he just looks so cute soaking up the Fall sunshine.

1 comment:

busycooking said...

Great job on the wreath. I'm impressed! I love the shelves around the fireplace, including the baby pictures and your honeymoon pics. :-)


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