Tuesday, November 23, 2010


View from the little camera in her room. Yes, we have a video/audio baby monitor.

Elyse slept in her crib last night!
I explained that Elyse has been sleeping in her swing. We read the Happiest Baby on the Block and were total fans! We crank up the white noise (waterfalls soundtrack to be exact) and she rocks away all night long - from nine to eleven and half hours. It is blissful. However...

I never can completely relish in it. I know that she can't sleep in that swing forever. December is right around the corner and at three months old we told ourselves we'd need to start working her into the crib. I had all these plans for how to start this transition and I don't know what came over me tonight. I was going to slowly turn down the rocking of the swing over a period of a couple of weeks. Then, I'd put her to bed in the swing and move her to the crib later in the evening. Well, again - I don't know what got into me! Bill had rocked her to sleep. He handed her off to me to put to bed. I carried her down to her room and... just thought I'd try laying her in her crib. I think I actually believed she'd start crying after about ten minutes like she usually does during the day. Guess what? SHE KEPT SLEEPING.

She slept until 4 a.m. and I fed her and put her back down. She woke again at 7:30 a.m. for another bottle. No, super long stretch like normal, but hey, pretty good! My little baby, so impressed with her. We'll see how we progress with this!

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