Saturday, November 10, 2012

Brazilian Blowout - Before and After Photos

On Monday, I got my first Brazilian Blowout. Anna was my first friend to get one, then Jennifer got certified to do them, Marcie went and now me. Basically, it is a process that straightens your hair and it lasts for three months. Word has it, the more you do it, the longer it can last (a friend of Anna's lasts seven months now).

To the far left is my hair if I were to simply shower, comb out and let air dry. The second photo is after blowing it dry normally. Because of the frizziness, I would either have to curl or straighten it. The third photo is after the blowout. No further styling is needed after blowing it dry - unless I want to curl it or touch up a few pieces with the flat iron. No special products required, you just have to make sure the shampoo is sulfate-free.

It is SO GREAT. I cannot even tell you. Love it. It is expensive, but I'm banking on the lasting longer, the more you do it option.

Thank you, Jennifer!

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