Sunday, December 23, 2012

Elyse-Isms and Merry Christmas 2012

This little girl is such a cutie - she makes our hearts swell every day.

Here is a quick video of her loving on one of her baby dolls.

Baby Love from Courtney on Vimeo.

These days she is really into "babies". She does everything with them. Puts on lip gloss. Wipes their noses. Makes them go potty. Changes their diaper. Covers them with blankies. Punishes them. Feeds them. And gives them LOTS of love.

She still doesn't have the word "fridge" down just yet. Last night, she kept asking me to get her milk from the fridge. Except it came out "Milk b--ch!" This was said repeatedly to me. I said, "Go ask your Dad". Lots of giggles round here for sure. So sweet - only because she has no idea what she is saying.

As much as she loves her babies, she refuses anything "baby" for herself. No more high chairs. No more bibs. No way. She likes to eat at her table. She still loves eggs and frequently begs for them. She likes to carry her stepstool from her bathroom from the kitchen to "help". Our usually organized drawers is the island are pretty scary right now as little Missy loves to go through them. If it keeps her entertained, we're happy.

Someone asked me yesterday if she is excited for Christmas. I just said, "She's excited. But, I'm not sure she knows why". She loves the lights. The decorations. The presents. The COOKIES! She's a smart girl. She even tolerated sitting on Santa's lap. Only because I told her Santa was a "Papa". And he gave her a candy cane and sticker. Not such a scary guy.

She loves her friend Lucien. She wakes up asking to go to "Lucien's house" and we'll hear the question repeated throughout the day. Cute girl.

Our new nephew was born last week, Jaxin Jay. Of course, I was happy to get to hold him. Unfortunately, Elyse was not having it and cried, I mean screamed, the entire time. We went back to the hospital the next day thinking with Daddy there it might be better. No way. The only thing that made her stop was some french fries from Aunt Keri and Caillou with Carson. Wow.

She is now using the word scared. If she gets anxious she will ask me, "Does that scare you, Mommy?" Or, "Look at that!" (pointing to absolutely nothing) "Does that scare you, Mommy?"

She will ask me for something and when/if I give it to her she'll say, "Good girl, Mommy".

I don't know if she watched Finding Nemo or what, but her new phrase is, "It's my happy place". She has a play princess castle tent from Grandma Deanie and Grandpa Brad. She played in there all afternoon yesterday calling it her "happy place".

We can hear the train from our house. She will ask me, "Do you hear the train, Mommy" cupping her hand to her ear to listen.

She loves brushing her teeth. She will sit on the side of my bathtub, brushing while I brush. I give her makeup brushes (no makeup on them) and she pretends to put on makeup looking in the mirror while I get ready.

She likes to look "cute" as she calls it. She gets the biggest smile when I finish doing her hair. Once a bow or barrette goes in, she looks at herself admiringly with a big smile.

She loves Marcie or "Mah-see" as she calls her. Marcie came with us to get our tree this year and we saw an early sign of Elyse getting scared when a tractor revved up behind her. This did lead to more of the "That scare you, Mommy?" questions.

Last night I was making Christmas appetizers and was grating a large amount of Parmigiano Reggiano. It was a good brand, so particularly sharp and strong. She LOVED it. She probably ate a half cup of that cheese. Funny girl.

She loves lip gloss - can say it and will ask for it. A co-worker got her some for Christmas and my-oh-my you should have seen her lips, eyes, cheeks, baby, etc. She was a happy girl.

She loves to pretend sleep - she'll cover herself with a blanket and snore - "ahhhh... choooooo". And no, this does not meant she wants to go to sleep. Oh, no.

She's really into yogurt. She asks for it often (a close second to eggs). Of course she has to have it at her "table".

She still loves Little Hoot and her new favorite is Click, Clack, Moo and another popular one is Wheels on the Bus.

Today, she is sleeping and at naptime she asked to sleep in Mommy and Daddy's bed. And, I let her.

It is Christmas. She's sweet and I love her. Amen.

Here's wishing you the merriest of holidays. There's been so much heartbreak lately. This is a special time of year, but it can be hard too. I know I feel sadness for the family and friends I have lost. Yet, my goal is to focus on the love around me and when in doubt, I know I have a choice. And I choose love and happiness. And, I don't have to look too far to find it.

Merry Christmas!

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