Sunday, May 12, 2013

What I Learned From my Mother

My daughter at my mother's gravesite. May 2013.

Mother's Day has become a whole lot easier since becoming a Mom myself. It seemingly used to only exist as a painful reminder of my mother's death. Today, I can I miss her less and feel connected to her more as I get to see the results of my own Mama's parenting in how I connect with my own daughter.

Recently, I have read many articles on things women have learned from their Moms. One of my favorites was, "She taught me to always sprinkle sea salt on unbaked cookie dough before putting them in the oven." Wow, Mom never taught me that - yum!

Here's my list. Things I heard her say, nag, remind and do. Memories that have embedded into my normal way of life and things that I just use to remember her fondly and have not becoming my thing. Here's to you Mama:

A couple must always sign their names with the man's listed first - no exceptions.

Toilet paper must be over the roll.

You will always have a car payment - so drive what you want.

Christmas is a time for sharing love. If someone joins you for a holiday gathering, they get presents too. This might lead to last minute shopping, but just do it. Make sure everyone feels loved.

If you can only choose one beauty product, always choose mascara.

Never buy generic groceries. They may be cheaper, but they are not the same.

Always be there for your kids - every soccer game, choir concert and lemonade stand. As a parent, this is your greatest obligation.

You can get a lot more cleaning done if you just turn up the music. Dancing breaks are a must. Kids and pets are a bonus if they care to join you.

Baths are a girls' best friend.

You just have to answer the phone when it rings ... always.

Breakfast for dinner is just fine.

It is OK to be a nerd as long as you are a happy nerd.

Enjoy the years of hauling your kids around before they get their drivers' licenses. It is how you stay connected.

Always tell your children, "I love you". Do it often, say it in front of others and they are never too old for it.

Hug your kids, touch their hair. Remind them of your love even when they tell you they don't want it.

Upset tummies require 7-Up.

There is truth in all sarcasm. So say what you mean, rather than jokingly cut them down.

Taco Time is needed after a day of shopping.

Marry the man who fixes you dinner and draws your bath.

Cards must be give at every holiday to your loved ones. Don't forget to include the date.

Most everything tastes better with pepper.

A well-loved baby smells like heaven.

If they don't build you up, let them go.

Always keep Kleenex in your pocket.

Make sure the master bedroom is on the lower level. If you are hurt or sick, you won't want to climb stairs.

Never leave your loved one alone at the hospital.

Make sure you have a junk drawer in your kitchen.

Rolled up, wet washcloths in a baggie will get you through any mess.

12 hours is the max to drive in one day on a long road trip.

Never stir your cookie dough with a mixer. All you need is a large mixing bowl and a wooden spoon. It just tastes better that way.

Speaking of cookies, make a large batch. Store them in a cookie jar with a piece of bread on top and they will stay soft.

Teenagers should take birth control for the same reason they should wear a seat belt. It's not that you plan to get into an accident...

Always make sure your kids hair is combed and their teeth are brushed - the rest is all negotiable.

You must have popcorn... at Target and at the movies.

Santa only leaves one unwrapped gift per child.

A messy house is better than a dirty house.

If you didn't vote, you can't "bitch". And that, is a direct quote, my friends.

On that note, why use one cuss word when you can string together four?

Talk to your kids about whatever they want - at least they are talking to you.

In loving memory of Katherine Wallis - 7/29/55 - 6/12/07.

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MamaLuke said...

I love this list, Courtney! I learned several things about your mom, and other things were so familiar that I laughed out loud. So glad mother's day is getting easier for you. Love you, my friend!


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