Thursday, September 12, 2013

Here we come, Three!

You at Kohl's. July 2013. You picked out that hat and sunglasses yourself - and the pose was all yours, my dear!

Dearest Elyse -

Today you are three. We had such a fun birthday party for you and it was even more exciting because this year you were able to understand and have anticipation for the big day!

All the stereotypes - everyone says "terrible twos", but parents all seem to agree that three is harder. I don't know - the month of July we had more tantrums and emotion than we had all year combined. Potty trained turned into an emotional roller coaster for our responsible and emotional daughter. You were very upset at the idea of accidents resulting in a high-level of anxiety affecting you in many areas. I was reminded of stories my Mom told me of how upset I got when I had an accident in my pretty undies. Sometimes the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. We worked on several things and let up in other areas and August and September have returned our happy, well-adjusted little girl. And guess what, you like going potty now. Big girl!

It is a fun age - moments of still wanting to be little, but yearning and growing and excited about growing up.

Elyse Kaylee, you've made us proud, taught us something new each day, and showed us how to love like we never knew before. Parenting is only gaining in challenges and we're constantly making decisions that seem simple, yet so important to us. It is often much more tough than the seemingly "big" decisions we make at work each day. Don't get me wrong - you have always made it easy on us. You were a good baby and you are a wonderful little girl. We just have high standards and want to make good choices for your sake.

You are smart. You are hilariously funny. You are curious. You are helpful. You are passionate. You are loving. You are active. You are stubborn.You are cuddly. You are beautiful. You are ours and we love you.

Happy Birthday, sweet girl!



Attached: Your Year Three Slideshow. The video we will watch many times this year.

Elyse 3rd Bday from Courtney on Vimeo.

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