Monday, January 6, 2014

Three Moments...Moments at Three

I love these pictures because they are simple and because they capture at her pure, blessed, dramatic, curious, moments of being three.


No, she wasn't sad in the first photos.

No, she wasn't hurt. She had mildly bumped her head, but insisted a band-aid, wait, a Dora band-aid would make it feel better.

Pretend naps are a hit.

I'm glad I'm not OCD with germs since my daughter likes to pretend-sleep on the dog bed.

Mama and baby stuffed animals are all the rage.

She was "helping" Mama with a Pinterest project of a time-out bottle. You can see it in the photos - the purplish looking bottle to the right on the counter. It was a huge Pinterest Fail as the glitter fell in huge glops instead of calming, flowing glittery happiness.

She happily poured water in and out of the funnel. She only got mad when I wouldn't let her keep the warm water on. 

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