Saturday, July 18, 2009

Diners, Drive-Ins and Alyson

Had a quick, but fun visit from Alyson and two college gals - Julia and Kirsten. The three were traveling up from Sacramento to a month at YoungLife Malibu camp in Canada. It was a great visit with a definite "Food Network" theme. Turns out, Alyson and Bill have something in common. They love Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives with Guy Fieri. Al and the girls stopped at Voo Doo in Portland for some interesting doughnuts. Check out the maple bar with bacon!!

The next morning we went to another diner visited by Guy: Southern Kitchen. I'd always heard about it, but it was my first time.

Here we go. Here are some of the southern treats we had... sweet tea. (This stuff is an embarassing addiction of mine this summer - I really need treatment).

Next. Brace yourself. I don't even normally like fried chicken, but this... This was incredible! This plate fed Alyson, me and a large plate to bring home for Bill to try. It was dangerously good. The stuffing was my favorite and Al liked the hush puppies best. I need to fast for a week to make up for these meals!

Next, I really should have taken a picture of Kirsten's breakfast. She had peanut butter crunch for breakfast at home that morning. At the restaurant, she had apple juice and a quarter's worth of Skittles from the machine.
We'll move on to Julia's choice. Check out that biscuits and gravy. This is a favorite of Bill's. He would have been in heaven! She gave it a double thumbs up!

After we stuffed ourselves with glorious, calorie-laden goodness, we ran some errands and rested that afternoon. Alyson took a little nappie. I couldn't help, but taunt her with a garlic head under her nose (she does not like garlic!).
Bob and Marcie joined us that evening for a backyard rib BBQ. We had vegan salad for Marcie, non-garlic options for Alyson and a hamburger for Kirsten who doesn't care for ribs. We like to please our customers!

Bill and Kirsten stayed inside in the air conditioning after dinner chatting about fastpitch and watching Whale Wars.

Did I mention this girl can solve a Rubix cube in less than a minute. She was fast!!

It seemed as soon as they got here... It was already time to go!
Have a great MONTH at camp, ladies. See you on the way back!

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Anonymous said...

Oh you are right, we must be getting old!

Country cooking...oh please! Y'all need to come over here and my relatives will fix you right up!

Sorry I missed out on all the fun, again. Glad she was able to stop by for a while and again on their way back down.



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