Sunday, July 26, 2009

ALS Doubleday Weekend - Part One

Headed up Friday to La Conner, WA. As I've been sharing, this was the weekend of the ALS Doubleday bike ride. Thank you to our following sponsors: Jonnita, Melissa, Molli, John & Susan, Bruce & Mary-Margaret, Jody, Allison and Shaun. Together, we raised $565 toward the fight against ALS and toward supporting Northwest ALS patients and families. We so appreciate the financial support. Wow, we more than doubled our goal. Thank you so much!

It was a little daunting being a team of "one" when we saw all the other large groups. But, that's OK - we have a whole year to recruit riders. Plus, we already recruited one! We met a gal named Jessica who already agreed to ride for Mom next year with "Kathy's Crew". Thanks, Jessica!!

It also meant a lot to us that Fred and Francie came up to Mt. Vernon to be there for the event. In addition, we got text messages and e-mails with support. It means so much to both of us. This was a really big deal both because it was for Mom and because this was a very physically and mentally challenging event for Bill. I KNOW Mom was there. She was watching so proudly.

More to come on the event... Lots of laundry and relaxing to do tonight. In the meantime... Our first day in Mt. Vernon, we checked into the
Wild Iris Inn. We both adored the place. Bill was not so hip at first when I booked the reservations. He was a little worried it'd be like staying at Grandma's and sharing a bathroom. Far from it. As the innkeeper told us, it is just an inn that happens to serve breakfast.

Our room was nice and cool with fresh flowers and the most incredible freshly baked cookies. Yes, I even got the recipe!

First, we relaxed a bit.
Then, we walked into downtown La Conner. It was so beautiful, quiet and quaint.
I had to snap a photo of the La Conner liquor store for Sue. Just what I do.
We had dinner at
Seeds Bistro. It was absolutely incredible. Loved it. Then, we relaxed and watched a movie in preparation for Bill's big day. More to come.

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