Monday, June 29, 2009

Biking for ALS

I am so excited to share that this year Mom will be represented at the ninth ALS Doubleday Bike Ride and Fundraiser in Skagit Valley. The 90-mile ride is July 25 and 26 - just days before what would have been Mom's 54th birthday.

The bike ride is a fundraiser for the ALS Evergreen Chapter - the same chapter that we walk for every year. This is the group that provides such unbelievable support to ALS patients and families - from being with them at doctor's appointments, holding support groups, lending medical equipment and being available - any time - for all of the questions that patients and families of this awful disease always have.

Biking has become a new passion for Bill. As I shared earlier, we got new road bikes this year and this will be Bill's first real bike event. We were very excited when we bought our house two years ago and discovered we were so close to the beautiful Chehalis Western Trail. It is so easy to hop onto the trail from our house and we've logged many hours of riding and walking on it. Bill has really been increasing the mileage on his bike recently and the day he told me that what he was doing was training in preparation for the ALS bike ride - I couldn't be more touched. It means so much that my husband is doing this for himself, for me, for my Mom and for all the families affected by ALS - I am just so proud.

You might be asking why I'm not doing this? For those who know me well, you probably already know. When we first got postcards in the mail about the ride, I thought it was a 45-mile ride over two days. I thought - I can do that! I read the card again and noticed it was 45-miles a day! I'm no athletic competitor, as you all know. However, I will be sure to check this course out to see if it is something I might be interested in doing next year with Bill.

We really appreciate your support. If you want to support Bill and "Kathy's Crew" you can either:
  • Make a donation to sponsor Bill - Team Name is "Kathy's Crew",
  • Send positive thoughts Bill's way that weekend,
  • Come on up to Skagit Valley one or both days to watch,
  • Wait and walk with us 10/3/09 for the ALS Walk,
  • Or sponsor one of us for the Walk.
Enjoy the beautiful weather! I'll be sure to post photos about this event. It is sure to be a meaningful weekend.

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