Sunday, June 7, 2009

Oh Cheez-Its!

Favorite conversation of the weekend - riding in the car with Grandma Jo (79), Tanner (almost 5) and Maggie (3).

Grandma Jo: Jesus! (No, she wasn't praying).

Me: Grandma, please watch what you say!

Grandma Jo: Well, kids have to learn that adults say things they can't.

Me: Well, please just don't say that.

10 minutes pass. Few more words come through from Grandma Jo - Damn, Hell, more talk of Jesus. Soon, here it comes.

Tanner: Jesus!

Me: Tanner Nelson, that is not a nice thing to say. Please don't say that.

Tanner: Why can't I say Jesus? Is that a bad word?

Grandma Jo: (Laughing)

Me: (Hitting Grandma's arm) - Enough out of you!

Me: Honey, you can say Jesus' name all you want. You just can't say it when you are mad. Instead, you can say - "Geez!"

Tanner: Well, can I just say - "Cheez-its?"

Me: Well, yes you can!

Grandma Jo: Still laughing.

Me: (To Grandma) Enough out of you!!

Tom and Molli, if you're kids are now exclaiming "Cheez-its" - you now know why!

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