Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sounders Night

Have I mentioned Bill's brother is a coach for the Seattle Sounders? Here is Coach before the game with his boy.
It was a gorgeous day in Seattle. We got to be on the field before the game started. This is me with Sarah and Maggie.

Maggie got a Sounders scarf airbrushed on her leg. She was very into this! Tanner couldn't wait his turn. Look at him already lifting up his shorts - he was so ready.
But, of course, when Maggie sees me taking her picture she can't smile. But, even when she is trying to make sure she doesn't smile - she still can't help being beautiful.

Here is the final product!

We were in club seats (cushy) and near the evidently "nicer food area". But, unfortunately we weren't all together - therefore, no during-the-game photos.

Afterward, we went to the"Green Loft" with the players, owners and families. They had great appetizers and everyone got a chance to visit. Yes, we saw Drew Carey and crew. All the kids played together and had a ball. It was very fun!
Afterward, we walked the field again. Note that Maggie is now in her PJs. That girl never stopped running!

The turf is surprising soft.

Molli and Sarah.

Great night - thanks, Tom and Molli!

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