Thursday, May 7, 2009


It is almost Mother's Day - so hard for me. I know many of you don't know much about ALS - the dreadful disease that took my Mom's life so quickly almost two years ago. I just watched this video of a local woman diagnosed with ALS. Wow, this was hard to watch. Seeing her hand that she can't use well that looks like my Mom's did. Then, there are the videos of her talking. I'm sitting here with tears still on my face. So difficult to watch.

Someone recently was telling me about how people "just need to get over it" referencing grieving over the loss of their loved one who'd passed some time ago. They weren't even talking about me, but you know what? I'll never "get over it" myself. I have plenty of good days, many great days, but it is always there. I can't imagine I'll ever get over the loss of my Mom.

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Jessica said...

Thinking about you. A lot. Take care of yourself. Lots of love, jess


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