Sunday, May 10, 2009

Shark Boy and Lava Girl

I wasn't much looking forward to Mother's Day weekend as I already posted. But, we ended up having Tanner & Maggie Friday and Saturday night. They were a welcome distraction. We had a grand time.

Earlier that week, Tanner told his Mom, "I don't like that Bill and Courtney got married." His Mom asked, "Why?" Tanner said, "Cause we don't get to have sleepovers anymore." When Molli told him they were spending the night this weekend, he packed his backpack right away! It was a stressful week at work, so it was nice to look forward to someone being so excited to spend time with us!

First night, we made homemade pizza. They enjoyed eating as I put it together. Tanner liked the pepperoni (Maggie said "too hot") and each ate the raw veggies as I cut them up. Maggie enjoyed the tomato sauce best of all and ate half the can before the pizza was even done. They were really looking forward to a treat after dinner. We didn't have anything that exciting, so Uncle Bill made a big deal out of serving them fat-free pudding. We jazzed it up with Sprinkles and mini M&Ms and they thought it was super cool!

Something they always want to do - both of them - is put "clips" in my hair. They think it is loads of fun and they get really into it. Here is Magster working on the back.

Tanner coming at me with a clip (Yes, this does get a little frightening at times).

The lovely "do." Do you have a special event coming up? This lovely duo does in-home appointments. I'm sure we could arrange something!

The next day we went out to breakfast, ran errands and ended up downtown where we took them to the Farmer's Market and they got gingerbread cookies.

They had to wait until we got home to eat them. They were very excited.

After cookies, the three of us (me too) took naps. Then, Maggie helped me clean up inside and Tanner went riding in the mud with Uncle Bill. He was so excited about how muddy he got. We were sure to tell him over and over, "WOW, YOU ARE SO MUDDY! I'VE NEVER SEEN SO MUCH MUD!" Yeah, look closely...

It was super fun when "Baby Carson" came to visit!
Carson loooves Libby and was showing Tanner where Libby drinks.

Such a little pumpkin.

Daddy and Carson.

S'mores after dinner was a huge deal. Of course, we all got sticky marshmallow everywhere. Part of the fun!

That night we had our baths and showers and laid up in our bed and watched Disney's Shark Boy and Lava Girl. They both really enjoyed it. I ended up falling asleep and kept them up much later than we'd intended. Oops. Bad Aunt.

When Tanner and Maggie stay here they each sleep in separate rooms which they've donned "Tanner's Room" and "Maggie's Room". We asked them, "What if one day a baby comes to live with us?" Tanner said, "It's not sleeping in my room, it can sleep on the grass!" Yes, if that day comes, I think that will be very interesting. But, for now they get to be #1 when they are here.

We had a great time. We love you, guys!

Shark Boy and Uncle Bill
Lava Girl and Aunt Courtney
Here are some videos from the weekend. The first one is just cute hearing Maggie talk. Wish I could flip this one, sorry you'll have to turn your head.

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