Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Gym Night

I am not one of those self-motivated gals. When a friend recently asked if I wanted to join her and another girlfriend to meet at the gym a couple of nights a week I was all for it. 'Cause for nights like tonight, if we hadn't had a deal, I never would have went.

Tonight, I passed Bill on the way home on his bike. When I got home I went in our bedroom to get changed, opened up the cupboard where my workout pants are and there is a huge spider sitting right there in front of the stack. I just knew he was going to dart inside one of the pairs of pants. I turned and grabbed a Kleenex, went in for the kill and realized... oh, this is a two-Kleenexer. I grabbed a few more and mushed the spider with my wad o'tissue as spider guts then spurted all over two pairs of my pants. SICK! Into the laundry basket they went. I put on a pair of pants spared from the gore and went to make a quick sandwich, stoping to letting the dogs out first. But, then I saw the dip Bill bought at the Farmer's Market. Creamy garlic salsa dip, oh my. Now, doesn't that sound like a great pre-workout snack? Yeah, right. So, I have some chips 'n dip and check e-mail and such. It is already time to go, so I go to bring in the dogs and realize oh... maybe that dip was a mistake.

I go to open the back door and I see Libby. The first thing I see is that her white paws are brown. As I look closer, I see the mud caked all over her muzzle. I reach out to touch her and I realize how bad it is when I get mud smeared all over my hand and up my arm. Grrr....

Quick phone call to Sara to warn her I'm running late (secretly hoping she'll say - well, actually let's just cancel). Throw muddy dog in the bathtub. I had grabbed my camera somewhere during the middle of all this, but was too busy until halfway through when I realized I hadn't snapped a pic. The black fur does not do this justice, but at least it captures the "Uh-oh, I'm a bad dog face."

Long story short, I actually made it to the gym! Oh, how I need the accountability!

1 comment:

Jessica said...

Gotta love them! But didn't you fence everything off? This is one tricky dog! I would be afraid.


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