Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Showered in Pink

I had already mentioned that I had a baby shower last week at work and this last weekend we had another at my house with family and friends. It is an odd combination of feelings for me - a little uncomfortable (I can get embarrassed), but also incredibly meaningful. Deana, or Grandma Deanie, as we decided her new name to be, was the hostess and she took care of every last detail. She served the punch in a beautiful decanter with berries floating on top. She made tortilla wraps and pasta salad from scratch that were delectable and had everyone asking for the recipe (coming soon to Jahjong). She even made beautiful frosted cupcakes in pastel colors with little raspberries on top.

Here is a quilt made by my cousin, Velvet. The center quilt block was made by my Grannie who passed away in 1993. Velvet even used buttons of Grannie's. So sweet, very special.

Here's a sweet pic of my cousin, RaeAnna, and Velvet's sweet little girl, Haley.

Here is one of me and my cousin, RaeAnna. RaeAnna is due about a month before me. We went to hug each other goodbye and bumped bellies - we were laughing away. Everyone insisted we get a belly-to-belly shot.

I took the liberty of taking some pictures tonight of some of the things from the shower, since I didn't get many pictures of people at the party (sad).

Diaper cake.

Apron for Baby D so she can cook/bake right along with us!

Super, super cute outfit from Grandma Betty. Check out the little ears on the hood!

This was a crowd favorite.

This was from our neighbor, Kim. Yes, I choked up when I read it aloud to everyone.

Knitted blanket made by a family friend who passed away a few years ago and saved by Francie for a future granddaughter. Yes, there were misty eyes with this one too.

Made by my neighbor, Kim. LOVE, LOVE!

This clock is from Deana. Probably doesn't mean anything to most, but Marcie, can you believe this? Marcie and I were eyeing a clock just like this for the baby's room. It is like Deana read our minds! Love it! I have a feeling Bill and I will be eyeing this baby during late night feedings!

Obviously, this is only a highlight of the special gifts we received. Here is a some of the "loot" from the last two showers. Wow, this little girl is spoiled. She will definitely be well-dressed.


Last, but not least... My niece Maggie was SO EXCITED to give me their present at Tanner's birthday party (they couldn't make it to the shower). She rushed past me without saying hello to run into the house to get the gift. Molli said she had unwrapped the gift about ten times throughout the day. Here it is.

See, it is a blankie just like hers - just a darker pink. Maggie has loved on that blanket since she was a baby and she was so excited for Baby D to have one like hers. She even showed me how the baby needs to hold it between her fingers. I told her she'd have to show baby how to do that herself. She was so excited and everywhere I went she'd remind me, "Don't forget the blanket!!"

Thanks so much, everyone for loving on Bill, me and our little girl. We appreciate all the kindness. Thank you to each and every lady who came - I appreciate all of you! And, Deana - THANK YOU. You did an amazing job - I know it was a lot of work. We appreciate it so much!

PS: This baby is now officially wedged into the right side of my ribcage. Just thought I'd share that.

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